As football fervour reaches its peak this weekend, we have some rather exciting football news of our own to share!  

For those Oakleigh fans who are ‘on the ball’, you may have seen a new signing on our website.  

Just in case you haven’t clicked on our Collection page recently and the football puns have flown over your head and into the ‘back of then net’ …. (OK I’ll stop) we have just signed as a Community Partner with Norwich City Football Club, in association with Eleven Sports Media.

It’s our first venture into this kind of sponsorship, and it’s pretty big stuff for us. However, we couldn’t think of a better way to increase our exposure while at the same time supporting our boys as they head into the Premier League this season.  

So, what does this all mean? 

For the next three years, you’ll be seeing Oakleigh popping up on mid-tier LED displays behind the goals, on the big screen and a range of other digital platforms designed to reach fans at every stage of the matchday. 

As a locally grown company, we feel proud to be a part of this programme. We also love that the club recognises the support it receives from the local business community and has found a way for people like us to be a part of their national journey. 

And it’s not just Norwich City.  Community Partner Programmes can be found in multiple Premier League Football clubs across the country, thanks to enlightened company Eleven Sports Media 

For now, we’ll be hoping and praying that England bring it home this Sunday and eagerly await the start of the Premier League, kicking off on 14th August with Norwich V Liverpool at home!  

If you’re a football fan, make sure you tune in and keep a look out for Oakleigh Watches.