A Customer’s View….

Hi there, I’m Nick and I’ve recently become a customer of the Oakleigh Watches Sourcing service.

For those of you wondering how good Oakleigh are for sourcing a specific watch then consider this.

I’ve always been a fan of the Speedmaster but there’s something about the panda dial that, I think, makes them look extra special. I spotted the 35th Anniversary Apollo XI Speedmaster on a forum and loved it. It actually has a striking similarity to an early Daytona (I’m sure Giles will source you one of those if you ask nicely too.) This particular model is limited to 3500 pieces and was released back in 2004. The number on sale at any one time you could probably count on the fingers of one hand – and that’s worldwide.

From my first conversation about the Speedy to delivery of a pristine example was less than two weeks. Astonishing.

I’ve always made my previous watch purchases from authorised dealers – between my wife and I we have a nice little collection – but after seeing how good Giles is and the quality of his stock I don’t think I will ever buy from anyone else again.

There’s a level of service that you just don’t get from the big brand retailers. It’s clear how important it is to Giles to get THE watch that the customer wants and not just concern himself with the sale.

The Speedmaster now sits firmly on my wrist and my bank manager fears it won’t be long before I’m setting Oakleigh another challenge….

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