About Oakleigh

Hello, I’m Giles the Founder and Managing Director of Oakleigh Watches. Take a look at our short film which will tell you everything you need to know about our history, how we work and why the customer is our main focus.

It’s about a great experience

Oakleigh Watches was born from a combination of a love of luxury watches and a passion for customer service. For us it’s all about giving you a great experience!

The Oakleigh distinction

After years of collecting and wearing Swiss watches (mostly all preowned) it seems to me that luxury watch sellers tend to fall into two groups….

1. The high-street shop or website where the watch is a commodity and it’s all about the sale.

2. The specialist – where facts and details are everything and it’s all about the watch.

Oakleigh Watches defintely falls into the latter. We offer an attentive, personalised experience, which is all about you.

Unadulterated delight

The real pleasure of a luxury watch comes from the smile that crosses your face in the morning when you put it on to the little skip that your heart feels every time you glimpse it during the day. It’s knowing that you earned it, you chose it, and you love it.

The purchase of a luxury watch is a big deal and it can be a fairly big investment too. Customers can purchase directly via our online shop or you can take advantage of the Oakleigh Watches Concierge Service. Our Concierge Service is an experience shop and all about your pleasure. The pleasure you feel as we help find you the right pre-owned watch, the pleasure from the ease of purchase and the lifetime of pleasure everytime you look at your wrist. 

Skillfully simple and personal

I promise that we will invest our time and experience into understanding your needs and desires, and then providing the very best watches that we can, for you. We won’t expect you to have lots of knowledge, won’t drown you in more detail than you need and won’t try to push a sale on you. Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and welcome, and to enjoy the Oakleigh experience from start to finish.

Visit our two collections

If you would like to contact us to discuss any of these things further just use this link: Contact us

Welcome to Oakleigh Watches, we hope you enjoy your visit. 


For every watch purchased, we commit to planting 25 trees through Ecologi. Our tree counter can be seen at the bottom of the page or you can read more about our sustainability impact on our Ecologi Profile page

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