So, for my first ever blog…where to start?

Most of you know me as Young Oakleigh from Twitter and to those of you who don’t follow the Twitter feed…stop reading this and do so immediately. Done? Good, then here it begins.
Over the course of several blogs, I will be talking about many subjects from teenagers & watches, watches I covet and watches I own or am restoring and some of my ramblings may even have some content…who knows!
So the fact that I’m mad about fancy watches is largely Oakleigh Watches fault because from the moment I saw his first Rolex I was hooked, more recently I have began a ‘watch project’ that involves me working my way up to something I really want, namely an AP of some description.
I currently wear a very nice Certina DS-Podium limited edition and will continue to as it is an utterly awesome thing even just to look at (there are normally pictures in my Twitter feed)
I hope I have your interest and will continue this adventure next week with ‘teenagers and watches’
See you then, bye

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