Arty Watches – A Norwich Resident article


As you may know, ‘Mr Oakleigh’ writes a regular column in the luxury lifestyle magazine ‘The Norwich Resident’ (

In May 2016 the article was called ‘Arty Watches’ and here it is:

Arty Watches

Watch manufacturers are always trying to improve their skills and elevate their pieces to the level of art. Over the years various companies have gone to significant efforts to actually integrate art into their collection – Swatch made an entire brand doing it in the 1980’s and the company now runs a vast percentage of the whole Swiss watch industry

Other more artisan manufactures have created very artistic pieces which often come with a very high price tag – for instance this Jaquet Droz Bird repeater won’t leave you much change from £300,000 and is clearly quite a canvas…

So art can be integrated into watch design, of that there is no doubt. The question that comes to my mind, particularly when looking at a classic watch such as this Patek Philippe Calatrava, is should it be?

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