Can you find me a……?


While lots of our customers find just what they’re looking for on the Collection pages of our website, a growing number are asking us to source a particular watch specifically for them.

Sometimes people come to us with a request like: “Can you find me a 1975 Rolex GMT Master? It’s a birth year watch and it needs to be a great all original example, box and papers would be nice but it depends on the price”.

Knowing exactly what the customer wants makes our job relatively straightforward, if not always easy – The ’75 GMT example is a real one and the watch that you see above took us several months to find and is now in Australia.  It is a belter though…

On other occasions someone will come to us with very little idea of what they want – maybe just a brand name and a budget, or maybe a birth year.  These jobs are challenging but really good fun and very rewarding.  Especially when we put a watch on the wrist of delighted customer who didn’t even know that was what they wanted…

During October 2015 we sourced the four watches that you can see above for happy customers – the 1975 GMT Master that we mentioned before, a JLC Master Ultra Thin, a TAG Heuer Monza Reissue and a rose gold Patek Phillipe Calatrava.

We’ve sourced all sorts of watches over the years and so if you’re looking for something specific, or even if you have no idea what you want, drop us a line because we would love to get involved