Customised Rolex – Yes or No?

On several occasions lately we’ve been asked to comment on the apparently growing market for customised Rolex – In fact the question that we were asked most recently related to a specific customiser but rather than comment on them, I thought I might address the topic in general.

In order to make sure that our thoughts were fully formed rather than just an off the cuff response, Young Oakleigh (@youngoakleigh) and I did a fair bit of research.
We found some brilliant websites – the Bamford one was particularly good ( as it allows the visitor to create their own customised watch in real time in the same way as the Configurator on most luxury car websites.

We had brilliant fun coming up with some crazy designs on classic Rolex models before deciding that we should really get serious and create something that someone with some taste might actually want to wear.  That’s when we switched from creating bright blue dials with orange bezels or red dials with yellow hands to something more…. tasteful? subtle?
Then the reality of the situation came home to us because what we ended up designing was a standard Rolex model with some very slight and tasteful modifications – we particularly liked adding red text to the dial or maybe some red hands…

What we decided at the end of the process was that there seemed to be two ways to go about this:

Option 1) Take full advantage of the opportunity before you and make something wild and creative.  Unfortunately the end result will probably be something with a very narrow appeal and which will be virtually valueless.
Option 2) Take a far more controlled and tasteful approach and make something lovely that might have come out of the Rolex factory – in fact most of the ones that Young Oakleigh and I made probably have at some point…

When you consider that on top of the price of a new Rolex the customisation fee can run into as much as the price of a Daytona…
Honestly? We don’t get it.

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