Fashion & Taste – A Norwich Resident article

[us_separator size=”small”][us_image_slider ids=”13991,13992″ type=”1″]As you may know, ‘Mr Oakleigh’ writes a regular column in the luxury lifestyle magazine ‘The Norwich Resident’ (

In April 2016 the article was called ‘Fashion & Taste’ and here it is:

Fashion & Taste

So I was thinking about the connection between fashion and taste and I’ve decided that there can often be something of a …disconnect.

Because for every David Beckham who is both fashionable and has taste in timepieces (Rolex Deep Sea), there is (unfortunately) a Kanye West.

There – I said the ‘K’ word.

I’m sure I could say a lot of uncharitable things about Mr Kardashian but the worst – the absolute worst – is his taste in watches… Check out the $180,000 gold monstrosity with his face depicted in it in diamonds….

So next time you’re tempted to think that fashion and taste go hand in hand, spare a thought for a certain Mr West…he needs all the help he can get.

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