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For the latest entry in this section of our website, I wanted to gain an insight into the thoughts and experiences of a customer of Oakleigh Watches’ sourcing service.

Rolex lovers and Oakleigh customers Ryan and Mel Squires have used our sourcing service twice recently and Ryan was kind enough to talk to me on the record about their experience.

OW: So Ryan, tell me why you chose to have someone like us source a watch for you.

RS: I’ve always been a watch fan but until recently I’ve only ever bought new watches from a reputable high street jeweller and I’ve always enjoyed that as an experience.

When I looked into buying a pre-owned Rolex I was slightly apprehensive because while I love watches, I don’t have the experience to know if the price, or the watch, is right.

I was even less keen to buy online because I’ve always enjoyed the personal interaction when making a purchase and so I really wanted to use someone I could trust and work with.

OW: How important was the element of trust for you Ryan?

RS: Really important – It’s about knowing that the seller is interested in maintaining a relationship with you. The kind of relationship that you would develop with a high street retailer but with a far wider choice of interesting and esoteric pieces.

OW: How did the actual process work for you?

RS: On the occasion that I was buying an anniversary present for my wife I had to interpret, or estimate my wife’s wishes and tastes. I discussed my thoughts with Oakleigh Watches who then used their experience and came up with a few suggestions of Rolex models that might fit the bill.

That was important from my point of view because while I know what I like, I didn’t want to choose something that might be wrong for Mel – while the customer is of course always right, we sometimes need some guidance to make sure that we’ll be happy in the long run.

OW: When it came to paying for the watch, how did you feel about sending a large amount of money in advance to someone that you’ve never met?

RS: With Oakleigh I just got the feeling that they really love their watches and also that I was dealing with someone who is as professional as a really good main agent on the high street.

I never had any concerns about parting with the money because I trusted Oakleigh Watches completely – I think that some of that came from your online reputation and the fact that lots of other people clearly trust you.

OW: How important is service quality to you?

RS: Oh it’s extremely important. I work in an area of the public service industry where it is essential that we provide 100% service quality in all aspects of our work. Unfortunately, that makes me hyper critical of the quality of service that I receive from others!

Oakleigh Watches kept me informed all the time with consistent updates and supply a product that has always met my expectations.

We’ve now bought three pre-owned Rolex watches from Oakleigh Watches and every time its been a very easy and pleasurable experience. Oakleigh have always held our hand throughout the process and they would always be first choice when buying a luxury watch.

OW: Thanks Ryan.


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