Investment pieces part one: Rolex GMT Master ‘Pepsi’


In a short series of articles I will be commenting on some watches that I believe make good medium-term investment opportunities.

I have to say before I start this is a personal opinion and while you’re welcome to read it and use it as guidance, the choice of whether to use it as advice in your own purchasing decisions is entirely your own.  I’m certainly not in the business of giving investment advice.

You may have read my earlier article about the GMT Master Pepsi but in case you didn’t here is a summary:

Rolex have been making the ‘Pepsi’ bezel GMT Master since the late 1950’s but were forced to stop manufacture when they switched to ceramic bezel inserts in the late 2000’s.

Last year, Rolex perfected the process of making two colour ceramic inserts and so early in 2014 the Pepsi Bezel GMT Master was reborn.

As you probably know, the model was only released in white gold at a price of over £25,000 and Rolex have stated that they have no intention of releasing a stainless steel model.

As soon as I heard this news, I realised that the value of Pepsi Bezel GMT’s was likely to rise as a result.

Unfortunately, not only did I not tell you all about this but I failed to act on it myself, this weekend at I watch auction the significantly increased prices of this model made me realise that I had already missed the boat.

If you already own Pepsi bezel GMT, there is good news because watches that were selling for £3000 a year ago are now making £4,000.

If however you don’t own one and either always really fancied one or were looking to buy one for investment purposes, I’m sorry to say that I think we’ve all missed the early swell….

In an attempt to avoid a recurrence, I’m going to write a couple more articles over the next few days on the topic of models which I believe still have a good chance of their value growing in the medium term.

See you soon

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