Luxury watches: Good, Better, Best?

A comment from a friend on Twitter today has prompted me to jot down my thoughts about what makes a watch ‘good’, and whether in the world of luxury watches there is such a thing as ‘better’ or ‘best’.

I sure my friend won’t mind being quoted as saying that somebody “should have bought a Pinion watch instead of a Bremont” because the Pinion is “much better”.

Now we all know that the pink digital watch that comes free with a pre-teen magazine is going to be rubbish. We also know that quite a lot of the designer watches, which may well cost hundreds of pounds, really aren’t that good.

At the other end of the scale, we have watches with price tags so high that there can’t possibly be any rational justification for the purchaser to choose to buy them. The manufacturer can justify the price because these things cost fortunes to make, but they don’t add measurable value to the wearer.  A discussion of this section of the market is one for another day but suffice to say that I believe that if you can afford it and it pushes your buttons enough then go for it – Thats what luxury is all about.

In the middle, we have an enormous choice of quite superb watches.  Even at the lower end of the market, a ‘proper’ watch is going to cost four figures.  I’m talking here about a Swiss made movement which will last for generations and keep good time.  It will also be robust, reliable and stylish and hopefully not cost the earth to maintain.

You see, I don’t believe that there are many bad watches out there in the price bracket that we are looking at – there is just a choice of one great watch over another – and your right as a purchaser to choose whichever one you like the look, feel and perhaps the ethos of most.

And there’s the rub – this is about choice, preference and individual expression and once you’ve committed to spending a sum of money which will guarantee getting you a great watch, then the world may well be your Oyster.

Choose carefully, enjoy the process and over all make sure you get the right watch for your needs and desires, but don’t let anyone tell you that one luxury watch is ‘better’ than another.

Have fun.

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