“I came to Oakleigh watches after seeing an advert online. After speaking to Giles, I gave him some info on the types of watch I was looking for. At the time I was after a full set Jubilee Pepsi GMT Master II and a full set faded bezel Pepsi GMT Master II. 

I kept in touch with Giles, and not long after I had given my request, Giles got in contact to say he had at least one of them with potential of the second coming in shortly after. 

The first faded bezel Pepsi arrived, Giles true to his word sent over a number of pictures for me to look at the quality and condition of the watch. This is when I knew this was the real deal. Giles was more than happy to provide high resolution photos from many angles, and if I wanted a specific angle he would ensure he would send me. As they were high res photos it was as good as having the watch with me. I agreed to the sale, paid Giles and then arranged for delivery convenient for me.

The watch arrived, and I could not have been more happy. I knew from this point on when my second request landed I would have no seconds thoughts about purchasing from Oakleigh watches. 

Shortly after my first had arrived, Giles was again in touch to say my second had arrived. Once again prior to anything proceeding Giles made sure to send me over multiple high quality pictures so I could judge it for myself. 

Needless to say after the experience I had received so far, I snapped at the chance and purchased it.

Thank you once again for exceptional customer service, and I would be more than happy to not only recommend, but also come back again in the future.”


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