Norwich Resident Photoshoot 10th January 2015

[us_separator icon=”fas|star” size=”small”][us_image_slider ids=”5987,5988,5989,5990,5992,5991,5993,5997,5994,5995,5996,5999,5998,6003,6002,6001,6000,6004″ type=”1″]For this post we’ve given the youngest Oakleigh a chance to tell you about what it was like to attend her first professional photo shoot for this month’s Norwich Resident magazine.

Ella said:

We arrived at Sprowston Manor, on the 10th January 2015, at 11:05am and we were warmly welcomed by Emma Harrowing (editor of Norwich Resident Magazine), to the elevator.

At this point I was taken over by the fact that this was real and that I was about to go and watch an Oakleigh Watches photo shoot! We were taken to the room where the shoot was taking place and as I walked in to the professional, and surprisingly warm room it felt exclusive!

As I walked further into the room I was introduced to the team – firstly Emma introduced us to the models, Amanda Santos and Jake Richardson and then I met the camera man, Antony and the makeup artist, Freya.

Everything was so perfect! The dresses, the lighting, the sweet smell of the tongue melting Haribo on the table!

Of course I secretly went to get some sweets, but just as my hand touched them, dad asked me to get the camera and take photos while the models were choosing their watches 🙁

I really did feel like the paparazzi, hearing the camera click, and constantly trying to get the best angles and shots that I could.

After the first shoot there was a lot of changing of clothes and picking of new watches ready for different poses and new lighting.

In the end I did finally get to the Haribo which kept me quiet for a bit….

What a great experience though – I really felt like a professional and really very, very lucky!  After the thrilling photo shoot it was around 14.00, and in other words, time for great burgers in the hotel bar..

I really can’t thank Emma and the team enough for letting me, my brother (Young Oakleigh) and my Dad (Mr Oakleigh) com to the shoot – It was perfect.

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