The Ultimate Sea Dweller Survival, Part 2

The next wonderful installment of Sam’s Rolex Sea Dweller survival story. Part 1 of this wonderful story can be read here.

Quick recap – this watch spent 17 months in salt water after being lost in the River Orwell, it was then sucked up by a big silt hoover, rattled along a pipeline and spat out onto a farmers field in Suffolk. 

The Restoration Project

The watch came to us for a little care and attention following its ordeal and there was some discussion around how much restoration it should undergo. Clearly Sam remembered it in beautiful condition and it was returned to him somewhat battered so perhaps the obvious thing to do would have been to have it polished and returned to its former glory.

On the other hand, the story of this particular watch is quite incredible and it now showed the marks and scars that go along with the tale. Perhaps a shame to lose that?

In the end, Sam decided to have the missing lume replaced, the bracelet mended and of course the movement fully overhauled and returned to perfect working order.  He also asked me to source a genuine Rolex bezel insert which was sufficiently faded to be in keeping with the rest of the case but apart from that no further restoration was undertaken.

As you can see from the photos, it is now back and wearing its story very much on its sleeve.

The Sea Dweller has now been returned to a delighted Sam who immediately put in on his wrist and set off for a sailing trip to France!  Clearly a man who is extremely fond of his watch and yet not afraid to wear it and use it as intended.

We’re delighted to have been connected with this story and to have helped reunite a man and his Rolex.

Oakleigh Watches is proud to be based in the same building as Michlmayr & Co, who undertook this special restoration project. Simon and his team are specialist Horologists offering clock and watch servicing, repairs and restorations. They are also a fully certified Omega & Rolex Service Centre and do all our pre-owned luxury watch repairs and servicing.  

If you have a servicing or repair issue, please get in touch with us or directly with Michlmayr & Co

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