Oakleigh Family Outing


This Bank Holiday Monday the Oakleigh family decided to go en masse to Sennowe Park in Norfolk for our first visit to a stately home car boot sale. I have to say that it was quite an experience – as you can see from the first three photos this was no ordinary car boot sale and the watch spotters among you would have had a field day.

If that was the whole story though I wouldn’t really be telling you about it here would I?

In order to earn a place in our ‘News’ section we decided to make the day a bit more ‘Oakleigh’ by all choosing something from the current stock to wear. We then photographed the watches on location – you know like in a Next Directory. Or a Kays catalogue.

First up was Mrs O who chose our 18ct gold Cartier Roadster mid size on a satin Cartier strap with gold deployment buckle – a watch that brings superb wrist presence without being over dressy or too large. I saw two other mid sized Roadsters at Sennow – the ladies on the stalls were certainly prime Cartier target audience – but I saw nothing nearly as special as this one.

Granny O chose our 1970’s Cartier Tank manual on a leather strap – much slimmer and lighter than the solid gold Roadster and an absolute classic Cartier to boot (See what I did there?). Because it’s often thought of as a dress watch, I was amazed at how comfortable this Cartier looked in an every day setting – it seems that the gold Tank really can be worn for any occasion as it’s all about wearing it comfortably and confidently. Well done Granny you carried it off perfectly. Now if I could just have it back please….?

You may not be too surprised to hear this but I’m a bit of a one for a vintage Rolex, so my choice was a simple one. The 1973 Rolex 5513 Submariner is a supremely comfortable wear and robust enough to just pop on for a normal day out – the thing about wearing a vintage Rolex is that while I saw several Submariners out there today, I only saw one that was 41 years old and in this condition. If it had been my birth year Rolex then I would have felt REALLY special about it. It’s not about showing, it’s about knowing, and every time I looked at it, I knew.

@youngoakleigh chose a vintage Rolex for the day too but this time it was a 1969 1016 Explorer. He may be VERY tall but his wrists aren’t as ‘solid’ as mine and so the thinner profile and reduced bulk of the Explorer 1 suited his needs better. It really is a beautiful watch and I think much overlooked. If values of 1016’s rise over the next year as I think they will then this one will be a serious investment as well a real looker.

The final choice was made by the eldest of the Junior Oakleighs who went for the Heuer WS2113 GMT reissue. He’s a confident lad but doesn’t like to draw attention to himself and so he wanted something stylish but understated and not bulky. They could have written that description in the original Heuer catalogue as this watch blended beautifully into the background until the light caught it. Then you spotted the classic design, especially the little red GMT hand that sets off the black dial so perfectly.

Funnily enough, we bumped into Older Brother Oakleigh and his wife while we were there so we sneaked a photo of his 114060 Submariner – this made a nice comparison with the much smaller vintage 5513 that I was wearing. Sister In Law Oakleigh and her Mid size DJ also made an appearance which evened out the boy / girl ratio a bit – it’s interesting to see how many ladies were wearing larger watches today – all three that were with us chose ‘unisex’ models and lots of the other ladies around were wearing either mid sized Cartier or mid sized Rolex.

All in all we had a great day at a unique event and it was really interesting to choose and wear our favourite pieces from the Oakleigh stock – I hope that the pictures give you an insight into what these fantastic watches actually look like in the real world and perhaps inspire you to include one in your daily activities.

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