Packaging & Polar Bears


I’m delighted to say that these days more and more of you are receiving a parcel from Oakleigh Watches in our signature brown paper wrapped parcel with the white and red ‘FRAGILE’ tape around it.

I guess it might surprise some of you that when you open the beautiful brown paper, there’s no telling WHAT you’re going to find inside, because we firmly believe in recycling cardboard boxes.

We see no point whatsoever in buying and using lovely new boxes that you’re only ever going to see for thirty seconds before you throw them away or recycle them¬†yourself. ¬†It adds to our costs which add to your prices and is also environmentally unsound.

As my 8 year old daughter would have said, “Daddy, you have to recycle because it saves the polar bears”.

So please don’t be too surprised when you open an Oakleigh package and find a trainer or camera box inside – it’s keeping our prices down and saving the polar bears too.