“Morning Giles

All arrived on time & in good order. Thank you.

I arrived home cold, wet & tired late last night. But it was a good day. And about to get better.

The MDM Hublot Watch.

I don’t know if its just me, but I find it rare for something to exceed expectations. I’d looked at photographs & read reviews yet still hadn’t seen or handled an actual Hublot 1850. This watch surpasses the picture I had formed in my head. My priority was a high quality, rugged watch that I could wear daily. I was assured the Hublot met that spec (which I’m sure it does) BUT… the Hublot ‘in the flesh’ is a surprisingly handsome watch; photographs do not do it’s well-considered proportions justice. Not too big, not too flashy, in fact not ‘too much’ of anything. I think its a Goldilocks design classic, i.e. ‘just right’. I am a happy customer!

So, everything is “Grand as ‘Owt!”

Giles – thank you for your time & advice, but especially for the exceptional quality of service. Trust & honesty are rare beasts. Twenty-six years as a Probation Officer has left me jaded & cynical, so this exchange has been a treat – as is the watch I’m now wearing.

Thanks again

Best Regards