A big thanks…

[us_image image=”3546″ size=”full” link=””][us_separator icon=”fas|star” size=”small”]When deciding what our first news story was to be, the topic was never really in question.

In the few short months since we started Oakleigh Watches, the support that we’ve had from customers and colleagues alike has been frankly astounding. This support has led us to the launch of this website which feels like a real turning point for us and the chance to give you the type of watch buying experience that we’ve always envisaged.

So this is a thank you:

Thanks to Sam, Jack, Olly and Ella, Ann and Keith
Thanks to Vivienne and Mark and Shelli and Matt
Thanks to Steve, Mark, James S, Ryan S, Aaron B, Jake P, Jon P, Giles B, Michelle L, Jan G, Peter B, John B, Spencer and Mike, Monique, Henry Y, Lisa T, Jo L, John M, Chris S, Jon B and many others…

Thanks for reading this and I hope we’ll add you to the list soon.


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