The Luxury Purchase

[us_image image=”3795″ size=”full” link=””][us_separator icon=”fas|star” size=”small”]So I’m buying a car. This is no ordinary car either. It’s a toy – a treat – something a bit special. I’ve been thinking about treating myself to this for ages.  Waiting for the right moment when I can just about afford it and when the time is right so that I feel I deserve it and will really appreciate it. I’ve put a lot of thought into just what I want, visualising what it will look like and considering the practicalities – that’s how I decided what aspects were important to me and what I wanted to buy. I knew that I couldn’t afford a new car and even if I could then having a new one wouldn’t be sufficiently important to me to pay the extra – as long as the one I bought was a stunner. The thing is, having made these decisions I wasn’t actually confident enough in my own knowledge or ability to find the right one for myself – I knew what I wanted but really didn’t even know where to begin.  I’ve made mistakes like that before and wasn’t about to do it again. I also really didn’t have the time to spare on what could be a long process with a lot of enquiries that could come to nothing. In the end I went and spoke to Nancy at Macchina Club ( I told her what I thought I wanted and she helped me to realise that I had made the right decision, then advised me on how to make it even better and avoid pitfalls – I couldn’t have done that on my own. Nancy kept me informed throughout the whole process, making me feel involved and increasing my excitement about this very special purchase – I think that even grown adults should feel able to get excited about buying a really special luxury. Get giddy, lose a little sleep, tell EVERYONE  because if we can’t do that then we miss out on a lot of the fun – and luxuries are supposed to be fun. Its cool not to be too cool with things like this. Tomorrow I go and collect my new car and do you know what?  I can’t wait.  It’s going to be the culmination of a very enjoyable process and an experience that I will remember with a big smile for years to come. I’ve really appreciated everything that Macchina Club have done to make buying my car the fantastic experience that it should be. I also understand just what they’ve done to make that happen for me. Because that’s exactly what Oakleigh  Watches do.   But with watches.

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