The Oakleigh Business Model

Originality In Vintage Rolex Watches

When Oakleigh Watches was launched in 2013 the business model that we chose was very deliberately different to the standard high street retail store – we did this in order to avoid the store’s two biggest drawbacks: High overheads and being tied to one location nine hours a day, six days a week.

By avoiding the high overheads that go hand in hand with a store, we are able to work on smaller profit margins and to keep our prices low – if you can find pre owned watches of the same quality as ours in a high street jewellers their price is always at least 10% higher to cover their costs – they will pay less for your trade ins too. There’s nothing wrong with this as a business model, which is why it’s lasted for centuries, it’s just not the model for us.

The flexibility that comes with not having a fixed premises allows us to meet our customers and suppliers wherever is most convenient for them, and at whatever time too. If you want to meet us in your home on a Sunday morning or at your office at 8am on a Wednesday then we can normally be there – we can’t do that from a store.

Our model differs from a standard online seller too – we don’t sell online, that’s just where our shop window is. Once a customer makes an intial enqury, all contact is personal because that’s how we guarantee our high standards of customer service. Funnily enough, we do our best to keep our prices no higher than online sellers though.

So that’s the Oakleigh model – we hope you enjoy it.