The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift

Buying a pre-owned luxury watch as a gift for a special person on a special occasion can make the perfect present. As well as being incredibly sentimental, it can also be the perfect investment gift. Read our expert guide to buying investment watches. 

Birth year watches are particularly popular for big birthdays like a 21st, 40th, 50th and so on. They are the gift that keeps on giving! 

The beauty of an Oakleigh birth year watch is that it sums up the style of the era when the person was born, yet it does so in a timeless fashion. There is something magical about wearing a great watch that was born at the same time you were. 

I was present the very first time an Oakleigh watch was given as a gift. The recipient, a gentleman in his 70s, was in tears off and on all day long. Every time that he wears his watch he is reminded not only of that special day, but also of the thought and love that went into choosing it for him. 

It’s about time …….

We only source beautifully cared for luxury watches. It’s a remarkable thing to hold a vintage luxury watch that is 50-60+ years old but looks as new. You can only start to appreciate the history of the watch through the papers and receipts that come with it. The more it comes with the better – Full Set (box, papers, tags) and any additonal paraphernalia gifted at the time of origional purchase, then you’re looking at the perfect investment gift. 

A preowned luxury watch can start at a few hundred pounds, less than a weekend away, but will last a lifetime. It could also mark the start of a watch collecting journey that spans decades and might become a family heirloom. 

If you’re looking for something super special (and a gift that keeps on giving), please get in touch with us. We’d be happy to chat about the person you’d like to buy for and then come up with some excellent options for you. 

Visit our Oakleigh Collection & Alderleigh Collection for inspiration. 

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