• The prat in the pub and how to buy the perfect watch
    Prestige watch retailers will tell you that they understand the need for individuality. They will tell you that every one of their clients is different, and the watch that you wear says as much about you as the cut of the suit, the appropriateness of the tie pattern, or the car in the driveway.
    So far, so GQ.
    Actually, the perfect watch might not be available on the retail market, lost somewhere in the history of time, or perhaps it is available from a dealer, but financially it’s just out of reach. At the risk of sounding like a crystal healer, it’s about the one that speaks directly to you, which is how I once found myself arguing with a prat in a pub that my Breitling Superocean 38 Heritage, was by far the superior timepiece over his Dewitt Academia 7021.35 Quantieme Perpetuel GMT Nebula Watch. It is. If you’ve never seen either, have a look about, the Dewitt’s about £10k more. £10k for looking like a prat in a pub is somewhat punitive.
    Anyhow, I digress. When selecting the perfect watch, begin with the movement. This is the first step before you even look at a watch, since the movement will dictate the quality of the watch, and subsequently its price. There are two basic movements: mechanical, and electronic. Electronic watches are kept accurate through the steady pulse of a carefully cut quartz crystal, and are powered by battery or an automatic winder; these are generally less expensive. Mechanical watches use a small pendulum to wind up and keep time; although they can be found at lower price points, it’s the go-to movement for the finest watches.
    After choosing a preferred movement, you need to think about what you need your watch to do. Watches spanning all price points have feature ranging from water resistance, to tracking oceanic tides, and even revolving faces, so it’s important to consider what features you’ll actually use, because almost any feature adds to the cost.
    The size of the actual watch itself is key, since it should fit comfortably on your wrist without hanging over the edges, and carry a weight that’s substantial, but wearable. If a metal watch is your preference, make sure to match it to any other metal accessories you might wear; or even consider purchasing a leather strap as an inexpensive way to change its look. Ideally, you want your watch to be a well-thoughtaccessory, that says a lot about who you are through both its style, and function. The prat in the pub disagrees.

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