The September “What’s On My Wrist?” Competition #WOMW


There are many facets to a successful business and to be honest, few businesses have all their ducks in a row.  One thing that is certain however is that no business can survive without happy customers and this is one area in which we are blessed.

We’ve decided that this September it’s about time we did something to celebrate our wonderful customers and their prized Oakleigh wristwatches by way of a photo competition.

If you would like to send us a wrist shot of you and your Oakleigh watch during September, we will bring them all together at the end of the month and an independent judge will decide which one they think is best.

You can send them by email or post them on Twitter or Facebook and a judge will make their decision based on the clarity of the photograph and its composition – once we have all the entries we want to celebrate them during October by sharing them with our 12,000 or so social media followers please give them something nice to look at.

There will be two awards, one for the overall winner and one for the runner-up and the prizes themselves will be relevant to the watches featured in the winning photos (so to be honest I don’t really know exactly what they’re going to be at the moment).  We do have some very nice Rolex wallets and watch pouches and some Bremont goodies though so you get the idea.

Okay, that’s about all from me, over to you – let’s see what you can do.

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