Time For a Change – A Norwich Resident Article

[us_separator icon=”fas|star” size=”small”][us_image_slider ids=”6078,5368,6079,5535″ type=”1″]As you may know, ‘Mr Oakleigh’ now writes a regular column in the luxury lifestyle magazine ‘The Norwich Resident’ (http://www.norwichresident.co.uk).

In January 2015 the article was entitled ‘Time For a Change’ and is reproduced for you here:

Wrist Picks:


Time for a change.

As you will have already read elsewhere in the magazine, one of the best ways to release the new you is by changing your wardrobe and accessories.

If you are a lady, then statistically speaking you’re likely to be wearing the best selling ladies watch in the UK – unfortunately that means you’re wearing this Michael Kors.

Might I suggest that this lovely Cartier Panthere might bring you closer to the New You that you want to find? Funnily enough, it can cost a lot less than you think.

Now chaps, the best selling watch in the UK for you is this Casio F-91W

Please repeat after me: “This is the old me. ┬áThe new me wears an Omega Seamaster Professional and feels great about it”

So come on loyal readers – it’s time for a change.

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