Watch Insurance from Assetsure


Over the years we’ve been asked many times if we can introduce our customers to a company who can insure their new purchase from Oakleigh Watches.

Until recently we haven’t been able to help but we have just become affiliated with Assetsure who are specialists in this kind of thing.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Watches need protection against loss or damage and insurance can be obtained to protect your valuable item.

Assetsure provide specialist insurance for watches and items of jewellery.  You can insure either single items or collections.

Cover is arranged on an “All risks” basis which includes; accidental damage, accidental loss and theft.  In the event of a claim, there is no excess to pay.

Cover is provided on a worldwide basis, Assetsure allow you to make unlimited trips abroad providing no one trip exceeds 60 days in duration.

I just want to be clear and say that Oakleigh Watches have no interest whatsoever in selling you insurance.

However, our customers clearly have a need for some assistance in this area so having found someone that we trust, we’re happy to provide the introduction – you can take it from there.

For more information and to obtain a quotation, you can use the following link:
The above information has been provided by Assetsure a trading name of Hildon Park Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration Number: 592997

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