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Watch Servicing and Repairs

In 2017, Oakleigh Watches moved into the premises of Michlmayr & Co – the largest local service agents for Rolex and Omega (among others) in the region. With over 30 years experience, Simon Michlmayr and his team are more than qualified to look after all our pre-owned watch servicing and repairs. 

Wherever possible we buy our pre-owned watches already serviced from one of a small group of trusted suppliers. This way we can get straight to listing the watch on the website. We trust their work 100% and demonstrate this by providing a 12 month warranty with all our Oakleigh stock.

If any of our watches require servicing, testing or repairs they are in good hands. Plus, all Rolex and Omega watches serviced by Michlmayr & Co come with a two year warranty.     

Simon Michlmayr (a Fellow of the British Horological Institute) explains for us the Rolex service process and why it’s important. 

” A Rolex service will bring your watch back to it’s best. It will detect any issues with the movement before they become a problem. Each part of the mechanism, case and bracelet is disassembled and meticulously cleaned, and all moving parts are lubricated. Any parts found to be faulty will be replaced with genuine Rolex parts to uphold the quality and guarantee. We also offer pressure testing after the repair allowing your timepiece to retain its water resistant status. When your Rolex is serviced by us, you can rest assured that it is in safe hands.” 

If you are interested in whether your watch has been polished, our ‘Has it been Polished’ article will make a useful read.  

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