1968 Omega Seamaster 300

1968 Omega Seamaster 300

This is a 100% original one owner watch with its original bracelet, papers, booklet, box and purchase receipt – it also has an incredible history.

The original owner of the watch joined the army as one the last ever intake of 20 Boys Service, Apprentice Armourers aged just fifteen – his heart’s desire was to become a member of the Army Airborne Forces but the minimum age for selection was 18.

Consequently once he had finished his initial two years training at an Army Apprentice College he was still only 17 1/2 years old so was posted to Dortmund awaiting his 18th birthday and it was there that he met the Seamaster 300 in the NAAFI store.

In 1970 and now finally aged 18, he and his Omega were posted to Aldershot for P Company Selection – they completed the selection together and from then he served as a Paratrooper with his Seamaster strapped to his wrist every day.  In 1974 he passed the Pathfinders Selection and entered the elite of the Para Brigade and then in 1975 passed the SAS Selection course.

Over a period of 9 years, this watch took part in:

  • Over two hundred military parachute jumps
  • Three Jungle Warfare Courses
  • A Winter Survival Course
  • Active Service in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and Central America.

among many other things…

The watch was serviced regularly and never failed, even in the most extreme environments.

The crack in the bezel insert appeared in 1976 in Dhofar.  Having been on patrol all day in sweltering heat his company returned to base camp where there was a swimming pool. Jumping into the pool to cool down he heard a click from his wrist which was the black insert of the bezel cracking as a result of the sudden change in temperature – the crack can still be seen very clearly but fortunately the insert is stable.

When he left the regiment at the end of the 1970’s the Seamaster 300 got locked away in a safe and forgotten about for almost forty years.

We acquired this incredible watch recently, totally blown away by its overall condition, its completeness and of course the amazing history.  I’m afraid that it’s not for sale.

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