Watches & Art – A Norwich Resident Article

[us_separator icon=”fas|star” size=”small”][us_image_slider ids=”4678,4676,4677,4673,4675,4674″ type=”1″]As you may know, ‘Mr Oakleigh’ now writes a regular column in the luxury lifestyle magazine ‘The Norwich Resident’ (

In August 2014 the article was entitled ‘Watches & Art’ and is reproduced for you here:

Wrist Picks:

Oakleigh Watches pick their favourite wrist wear that is bound to get your noticed. This month – the art of the watch.

With the Norwich Print Fair coming up soon, we’re talking about watches and art.

Watches in Art:

In 2012 watch collector Damien Hirst produced a real watch-related painting. While artists such as Salvador Dali have painted watches in the past, Hirst actually stuck hundreds of Panerai dials onto one of his famous spin paintings.

At the same event, Panerai launched the PAM422 which, to be honest, is far more up my street.

The watch as a work of art:

Watch lovers know that a good watch is about much more than just telling the time.

First released in 1963, the Rolex Daytona is thought by many to be the perfect watch and the 6263 from the early 1980’s is my favourite.

From the surprisingly slim case to the stunning dial, this is watch design at its absolute peak.

Next month: The watches of James Bond

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