What do we mean by a 'Full Set'?

What do we mean by a ‘Full Set’?

What do we mean by a ‘Full Set’?

Apart from ‘Watch only’ which speaks for itself and ‘Head only’ (just the body of the watch with no bracelet or strap) there are a few different states in which you can buy your dream watch so I though it might be useful to clarify the details here.

With Box – Just the watch and its box, nothing else.  Having said that not any old box will do, it has to be the correct box for the watch otherwise it’s just ‘Watch Only’ with something to keep it in.

Box and Accessories – This is the watch, its correct box(es) and some bits and bobs that are correct for the watch.

Box and Papers (B&P) – The watch, the right boxes and its original papers (or card).  As with the box thing only the correct original manufacturer’s papers will do – service papers or a seller’s warranty just isn’t the same thing and it doesn’t count as B&P.

Full Set – Here’s where it gets interesting because this set includes everything that could reasonably have come with the watch from new – not everything that could possibly have come with it but things that normally did in most cases. You’ll see what I mean when we get to ‘Full Set Plus’.  When a watch is first sold by the Authorised Dealer the choice of which boxes and accessories are supplied is really down to the whim of the salesperson.  These days things are packaged by the manufacturers in such a way that all parts usually go with the watch but that wasn’t always the case – more details on this phenomenon are available here

As an example, we’ll use a Rolex sports model because they come from the factory with LOADS of stuff compared to some other manufacturers – A sports Rolex Full Set comes with:

  • Both boxes
  • Papers
  • Papers wallet
  • Red Chrono Seal
  • Green serial number tag (not necessarily with the serial number intact)
  • Your Rolex Oyster booklet
  • Model booklet
  • Chrono translation / service centre booklet

Full Set Plus – As well as the standard accessories that form part of the Full Set, sometimes a watch will come with extras which were either rarely issued with the watch when it was new or usually not kept.  It’s often unreasonable to expect these things as a matter of course so when they are available, they may contribute to a ‘Full Set Plus’.

Examples include:

  • Calendar
  • Rolex Anchor
  • Original sales receipt
  • Service receipts
  • Bezel protector
  • Branded polishing cloth

If you have a look through the images at the top of the screen then you can see some examples of the different states.

As we’ve often said, there are very rarely any absolutes in the world of luxury watches so this article should be taken as a guide only rather than absolute fact, but hopefully it’s helpful – if you have any questions or comments then please feel free to get in touch.

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