What’s collecting about?

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Over the years lots of people have said to me “I don’t understand why you need more than one watch” so I thought perhaps I might take this opportunity to shed some light.
You see the first thing wrong with that question is the use of the word “need”.  To be honest, very few of us need one watch these days because almost everyone has a mobile phone with the time on it.
But then this isn’t about ‘need’ is it?
Anyway, I digress.
Watch collectors seem to fall into two main categories – those who collect by brand or type and those who collect simply from personal taste.
Some people will collect only Rolex for instance or only chronographs or purely military watches, whereas others will just collect those watches that ‘speak’ to them.
For what my personal opinion is worth, it seems to me that the latter are those with the most courage of their convictions and confidence – and I can say that as I am one of the former.
So if it’s not about ‘need’, then what is this watch collecting business all about?
Well sometimes it’s about the pleasure that comes from choosing which one to wear today – maybe it’s not your favourite; maybe that has to be saved for a more special occasion and today doesn’t fit the bill – now there’s an exquisite pain.
And that touches on another reason – sometimes it’s about having just the right watch for just the right job.  Lovely though a Patek 5120G is, it’s just not the right thing for an evening in the pub with your mates.
Equally, your stylish and fantastically crafted Sea Dweller just doesn’t sit well with your dinner jacket.
And an evening at the theatre with your wife? Well that’s three already…
So it’s certainly not about ‘need’ but a collection can have a practical side – not to mention the investment value.
But that’s another subject all together.

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